Totalvision is an integrated system that seamlessly merges web monitoring and web inspection, creating a comprehensive event capturing solution. By empowering operators to swiftly identify breaks and defects from a single workstation, it enables efficient control over line speed and product consistency. The outcomes delivered by Totalvision demonstrate an impressive 80% reduction in breaks and a notable 5% enhancement in overall efficiency.

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With systems installed in 35 countries, Papertech is the largest supplier in the industry not only for new systems, but for upgrades and integration with other web monitoring and web inspection systems including ABB, Cognex, ISRA-Parsytec, and others.

Papertech has consistently delivered results with 80% of our business coming from repeat customers. That kind of loyalty is earned by delivering not only outstanding service and support, but by supplying systems that provide operators with web inspection and monitoring tools that work. The TotalVision platform provides features common to both the monitoring and inspection functions such as:

  • Instant download and video playback of all events, with the ability to view a multi-day history for detailed analysis of breaks and defects.
  • custom installations and portable options for ease of use and access in the mill.
  • Webview and Everclean camera housing technology to consistenty provide clear, high quality images.

With TotalVision synchronization, two-way communication is now possible between web monitoring and web inspection. This integration is triggered when the web inspection system detects a defect and sends an image directly to the web monitoring operator screen. This in turn triggers a real-time, same-sheet series of camera views right back to the furthest wet-end camera where the defect was first seen.

Why Choose TotalVision?


TotalVision full-height cabinet with integrated Stealth workstation

Every TotalVision system is designed to suit each customer’s specific needs – cameras, lights, brackets, hardware, software, interface – all must be configured to the specific environment and conditions present at the machine location. Providing customers with choices and options is where TotalVision excels with many advantages and features including:

  • GigE-Vision® fully digital HD compliant: Most widely used digital camera standard, 100 meter Cat cable capability. Designed to fully interface with all current & future digital GigE cameras – large selection of Allied Vision cameras, all plug & play.
  • Most camera types: GigE industry standard with over 20 different types of cameras from 30 to 1000 images/second, over 2 megapixel, colour, IR thermal.
  • Complete software suite: TotalVision include WebVision and WebInspector as well as many other modules and features for complete defect monitoring and analysis.

Total Cost of Ownership

Papertech believes that any company investing in a machine vision system needs to understand the true cost of ownership. This means taking into account the initial cost of the system plus the expense of keeping the system in service and operating at peak performance. Our calculation of this cost is based on a five-year operating horizon during which time all expenses including utilities (power & air), upgrades, service, and maintenance are taken into account.

Papertech’s TotalVision has been specifically designed to minimize the total-cost-of-ownership based on the following:

  • Use of non-proprietary off-the-shelf components results in lower cost replacement parts.
  • Sourcing from reputable manufacturers ensures a reliable supply of thoroughly tested, high quality parts.
  • Standard components help lower service costs by allowing mills to source competitively.
  • Intelligent component placement: a minimum number of parts operate in harsh mill conditions while the balance of the system is operated in a controlled environment.