Papertech is now owned by the Austria-based IBS Paper Performance Group, but our management team still oversees our headquarters in North Vancouver, British Columbia. In October 2017 Papertech relocated to a new purpose-built facility which houses all engineering, manufacturing and management personel in the beautiful Lower Lonsdale area on North Vancouver’s waterfront. For more information on the IBS Paper Performance Group, please visit their website.

For all other inquiries, please contact us at, or visit our Contact Us page to reach departments directly or to submit a form.


All of Papertech’s software is developed and maintained in-house by our team of software engineers. This allows Papertech to respond quickly to customer requests for features and to further build on our established TotalVision platform. Hardware designs and prototypes are also developed in-house and in partnership with local manufacturers. All systems including server cabinets, lighting, cameras, housings, and junction boxes are assembled by our production team onsite. This allows for rigorous testing and troubleshooting prior to shipment.


With Papertech’s core competency in camera systems, their strategic imperative is to maximize customers’ results over the life of their systems by building lasting relationships and delivering outstanding support services.

The Papertech service team has the application knowledge and skills to improve system performance and the overall results of any camera system. This is accomplished by optimizing lighting, camera settings, camera positions, cabling, air supply and computer settings to enhance the system’s ability to find the root cause of breaks and improve the machine efficiency. The results achieved by Papertech’s service on camera systems manufactured by other suppliers are reflected in a growing list of satisfied customers worldwide.


The Papertech sales team has agents and representatives on all continents. Since joining the IBS Paper Performance Group, our scope has increased with the added resources and coverage in all of our territories. Another aspect of working in the group is joining forces at the various trade events that happen throughout the year.