Web monitoring and inspection are now indispensable tools for tissue manufacturing and converting. Tissue machines can have many breaks (over 20/day), but most of them last no more than 5 minutes. These breaks can be identified with 4 to 6 cameras making the investment affordable, with a rapid return on investment. TotalVision systems are now an integral part of many systems from multi-camera monitoring to web inspection at the reel for quality control. Our portable and Muv-E Cart systems have also proven to be popular for customers wishing to cover many different machines and locations.

While TotalVision integration synchronizes wet-end and dry-end cameras for a same-sheet view of all breaks and defects, WebInspector® camera arrays also provides operators with more quality controls and data at various stages of production. On a tissue machine, web inspection is primarily a tool used at the dry-end to ensure product quality prior to converting processes. Some of the critical information gathered by WebInspector® prior to converting includes:

  Forming Section
  Press Section
  Dryer/creping Section
  sheet transfer
  • Identifies process interruption root causes and web defects in forming stage.
  • Monitoring of trimming, pick-up for process interruptions and defects.
  • Identifies pressing and felt related break/defect issues.
  • Monitors for post-drying creping issues: Edge cracks due to blade wear, periodic defects due to felts, rolls, and yankee.
  • Monitors for web absent/present at edges for safety reasons such as potential yankee fires.
  • Monitors for process problems and web quality concerns.
  • Web ink marking for converting optimization via unwind control system.
  • Reel turn-up analysis.
  • Slitter cut analysis.

Tissue Converting

On the tissue converting side the applications are diversified and require extensive WMS system customization to provide the needed visibility into small, complex locations. Much work has now been accomplished in this area in the last couple of years. With over 40 successful converting installations it is expected that WMS applications will become standard practice for all types of tissue and towel converters to ensure the required high operating efficiencies.

As the parent reel is loaded on the converting line, data gathered by WebInspector® from the tissue production machine assists the operator with optimization of the output of the line with details of the incoming product quality. TotalVision also monitors process quality for embossing quality and accuracy of log measurement and finishing quality. Any quality issues are flagged and any substandard product is recycled. Other converting operations services performed by TotalVision include:

  Log Saw
  Core Maker
  • Allocate product intelligently and adjust machine operation based on knowledge of incoming product quality (requires Papertech’s WebInspector on base paper machine)
  • Inspect incoming product for quality problems and eject poor quality logs
  • Capture and automatically play back the root causes of process interruptions, e.g. holes, edge cracks, tears
  • Monitor rewinding process and quickly identify core insertion, log build, tail cutting, web transfer, and log exit problems
  • Capture and automatically play back the root causes of process interruptions
  • Monitor print quality
  • Measure print-to-perforation distance (development required)
  • Capture and automatically play back the root causes of process interruptions
  • Alarm when glue is not present on all of the glue applicator roll (roll must be visible)
  • Measure embossing quality
  • Capture and automatically play back the root causes of process interruptions
  • Splice and possible web inspection
  • Measure log diameter (+/- 1mm) using AccuLog™ application
  • Alarm and possibly eject logs on deviating diameter
  • Monitor log saw blade to determine maintenance requirements
  • Check product quality prior to packaging
  • Monitor core making process
  • Monitor core accumulator
  • Capture and automatically play back the root causes of process interruptions

Papertech’s tissue-specific solutions include: application-tailored event capturing systems for tissue machines and re-winders, laminator (glue application roll) monitoring, embossing clarity measurement, application-tailored web inspection solutions for tissue machines and re-winders, discreet item monitoring analysis for applications beyond the re-winder, and more. Additionally, Papertech has begun working with tissue re-winder top suppliers to embed the TotalVision system within their re-winders for more advanced vision solutions.

Please refer to our tissue applications page for more information on specific applications.