iSTOP+: Revolutionary non-marking winder automation solution

IBS Paper Performance Group and Papertech proudly announce the launch of iSTOP+TM, a revolutionary non-marking winder automation solution that is set to transform the paper manufacturing industry.

iSTOP+TM eliminates the need for messy ink or laser marking, offering a clean and efficient way to measure the machine direction sheet position at the winder. Using advanced camera image pattern matching technology (patent pending), iSTOP+TM accurately addresses critical holes without interruptions, ensuring seamless production.

This groundbreaking solution stores customer roll map data, allowing for pre-selection of stop-on-defect classes and on-the-run defect selections. By enhancing operational efficiency and eliminating maintenance concerns, iSTOP+TM sets new standards for reliability and safety in paper manufacturing.

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Background information

About Papertech Inc.

Papertech Inc. is a renowned company in the paper and pulp industry, offering cutting-edge web-based machine vision inspection and process optimization solutions. Established in 1996, Papertech is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and serves customers globally. Their diverse range of products and services is dedicated to enhancing product quality, improving production efficiency, and reducing waste.

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Papertech’s Innovative Solutions Addressing OEE Challenges in Tissue Converting Lines, Featured in TissueMag

May 23rd 2023

In a recent article published by TissueMag, Papertech showcased its groundbreaking solutions aimed at tackling the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) concerns related to tissue production.

Papertech’s cutting-edge technologies, including its TotalVision™ system, were praised for their ability to monitor, inspect, and enhance quality control throughout the production cycle. By effectively identifying and addressing tissue defects, Papertech’s solutions empower tissue manufacturers to optimize their converting lines and enhance OEE.

As tissue producers strive to optimize their converting lines and drive operational excellence, Papertech remains at the forefront, providing state-of-the-art solutions that elevate tissue quality, reduce defects, and enhance OEE performance.

To learn more about Papertech’s revolutionary technologies and their impact on improving OEE in tissue converting lines, please refer to the full article in TissueMag.

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Papertech Internal Training – May 2023

Papertech Completes Successful Internal Training, Bringing Together Staff from Different Entities with Diverse Professional Backgrounds.

May 12th, 2023 – Papertech is excited to announce the successful completion of Papertech’s internal training program for the week of May 8th. The program brought together staff from different entities across the company, including those from Brazil, Austria, Australia, Germany, US, and eastern Canada, to further develop their skills and knowledge in Vancouver, BC.

The training program was designed to enhance the competencies of Papertech’s workforce and to align the teams with the company’s strategic vision. The program consisted of various modules, including technical training, soft skills development, and team building exercises. The training was conducted in a collaborative and interactive environment that fostered learning and knowledge sharing.

“We are thrilled with the outcome of this internal training program,” said Mark Bartelmuss, CEO of Papertech Inc. “It was inspiring to see our staff from different entities come together to learn and grow as a team. Our training program was conducted in a collaborative and interactive environment that fostered learning and knowledge sharing. We’re proud of our staff for their commitment to growth and development, and we believe this training will help us continually improve the quality of our products and services.”
Papertech recognizes the importance of investing in its employees’ professional development, and the company is committed to providing ongoing training opportunities to support its workforce. By doing so, Papertech aims to continually improve the quality of its products and services and to maintain its position as a leader in the industry.

About Papertech Inc
Papertech is a global leader of machine vision systems for web-based production lines in the paper, pulp, and tissue industries. With over 30 years of experience, Papertech is committed to providing high-quality products and services to its customers while maintaining sustainable practices. Since 2016 Papertech Inc. is part of the IBS Paper Performance Group. For more information, please visit

Papertech Inc

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Totalvision advanced training – April 2023

Papertech Inc. Successfully Hosts Customer Training Session for TotalVision Solutions.

North Vancouver, BC Canada – Papertech Inc., a leading provider of innovative machine vision systems for web-based production lines in the paper, pulp, and tissue industries, hosted a customer training session last week that was met with great success. The training session was designed to help Papertech’s customers maximize the benefits of their TotalVision Solutions (WebInspector+WebVision) by providing them with in-depth knowledge and training on the features and functions.

The training session was attended by customers from different countries, who all expressed their satisfaction with the event. Attendees were able to learn about WebInspector (WIS) and WebVision (WMS) and received hands-on training on how to use TotalVision Solutions effectively.

Papertech takes great pride in providing its customers with exceptional products and services. The customer training session is just one of the many ways Papertech aims to ensure its customers receive the most value from their investment.

“We are thrilled with the success of the customer training session,” said a Papertech expert. “Our goal is to help our customers achieve the maximum benefits of our products and services, and this training session is one of the many ways we are committed to achieving that goal.”

About Papertech Inc
Papertech Inc is an innovative machine vision systems for web-based production lines in the paper, pulp, and tissue industries. The company has been providing exceptional products and services to its customers since 1996. Since 2016 Papertech Inc. is part of the IBS Paper Performance Group. For more information, please visit

Papertech Inc

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Papertech Partners with Honeywell

HOUSTON, Oct. 16, 2019 — Honeywell today announced its collaboration with Papertech to develop and market TotalVision, a connected, camera-based detection system for the flat sheet industries. The system enables customers to identify and resolve defects on the production line, improving quality and efficiency. The fully integrated total quality control solution is designed for flat sheet and film processes in which surface detection and production break monitoring capabilities are critical for competitive success. This new solution is designed for paper, pulp, tissue, board, extruded film, calendaring, lithium-ion battery, copper and aluminium foil producers. Read the complete news release at this link:

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Facts on Paper

It’s long been a tradition to footnote personal emails with quotes, personal musings, or statements that reflect your views. It’s an easy way to put your message out for consumption without getting too detailed. These days tweets have taken this to the next level, sometimes several levels too many. Some of the first email tags were environmental, everyone remembers this one

“Please consider the environment before printing this email”

This appeared quite a while back during the “paperless office” campaigns back in the 90s. The idea being that by reducing paper use in favor of electronic communications, we are saving trees. Many years later the online world has expanded beyond anything people could have imagined, bringing with it new information about the evolution of the paper and digital industries.

The folks at have put together a collection of myth-busting facts about the paper industry that we thought you might find interesting. Please visit their site to learn more.

Ready to bust some myths?


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PaperCon up Next

Following a successful event at Tissue World Miami, Papertech and our IBS paper Performance Group partners now travel to Charlotte, NC for PaperCon 2018. Please visit us at booth #429 to learn more about the products and services offered by IBS and Papertech. For a preview of who will be in attendance, please visit our website.

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Papertech at Tissue World Miami

Tissue World MiamiTissue World Miami begins next week and Papertech will be exhibiting at booth #L-620 with our North American  IBS Paper Performance partners including:

James Ross Ltd.
IBS America, Chesapeake
JUD Products
Tranphase Technology Ltd.
PMS Rubynozzle

We encourage you to come by our new booth and learn more about the wide range of products the IBS Paper Performance Group provides to the Paper and Tissue industries. For more information on IBS in North America, please visit our website at

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Holmen Paper, Braviken, Sweden purchases TotalVision™ WebInspector® WIS upgrade for PM53

Papertech European Business Manager Seppo Toivonen with Ms. Elin Björkholm from Holmen Paper Braviken

Vancouver, Canada (16 January 2018) – Papertech Inc. has entered into an agreement with Holmen Paper AB to deliver a new TotalVision WebInspector® WIS system to their Braviken Paper mill in Norrköping, Sweden. Papertech’s European Business Manager, Mr. Seppo Toivonen, was on hand January 8th to sign the purchase agreement with Ms. Elin Björkholm from the Finance and Purchasing office at the Braviken mill.

The WebInspector web inspection system (WIS) will be installed on the mill’s PM53, which is Holmen Paper’s flagship paper machine. PM53 is 9000 mm wide and produces SC and various specialty printing grades at up to 1900 m/min. The WebInspector® WIS will upgrade the existing Cognex (Ametek) SmartView WIS. The new WIS will be integrated with the existing Papertech WebVision® web monitoring system (WMS). The resulting TotalVision fully integrated WMS + WIS system will offer accurate defect root cause analysis right to the wet-end. This will allow defect causes to be eliminated and overall machine efficiency and product quality to be further improved.

Also included in the TotalVision supply will be Papertech’s AccuStop stop-on-defect winder automation system for the two slitter winders, RM5 and RM6. Furthermore, full width formation and dirt count analysis is included to continuously monitor the Formation Index and Dirt Count to ensure product quality is optimized. All analysis data will be transmitted to the millwide MOPS management system.

About Holmen Paper: Holmen is a forest industry group that manufactures paperboard, paper and wood products and runs forestry and energy production operations. The company’s extensive forest holdings and its high proportion of energy production are strategically important resources for its future growth. The average number of employees during 2016 was 2 989. Holmen’s business concept is to develop and run profitable business within three product-oriented business areas for paperboard, paper and wood products as well as two raw material-oriented business areas for forest and renewable energy. Europe is the key market

About Papertech Inc.: The global industry-leading machine vision system supplier for a range of web based production lines. There are now over 1100 TotalVision installations in 41 countries. Papertech’s unified TotalVision platform, combining event capturing (WMS) and web inspection (WIS) into a single, easy-to-use, non-proprietary platform, helps paper, tissue, board and pulp producers around the world optimize their paper quality and production efficiency.

Papertech is now part of the IBS Paper Performance Group, a company with an over 50 year history in delivering papermakers a full range of proven machine efficiency and product quality optimization solutions. IBS has been growing rapidly and now employs over 700.
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Papertech headquarters

On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront

That particular camera view is from our new building. On Friday, October 13th Papertech moved into our new head office and manufacturing facility on the North Shore of Vancouver overlooking Burrard Inlet. All take down and set-up was completed over the weekend and we were up and running Monday morning. The new state of the art building will provide much needed manufacturing space for our TotalVision camera systems.

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