November is Papertech Customer Appreciation Month

One thing the last year-and-a-half has shown us, is that we appreciate our customers. During the pandemic, we have managed to maintain 80% of our service activities, pretty good considering travel was shut down and many restrictions were in place.

To show how much we appreciate your commitment to our service department, we want to start throwing some money around. And we’ll give you a month to collect it. Any service purchase orders received during the month of November will receive a 15% discount on our daily service rate.

Please contact me to get started with booking a service call, and thanks again for your business!

Alexandra Pintea
Service Manager, Papertech

Papertech service starts with a phone call. Contacting our service representative through our toll-free service line is the first step to getting the help you need with your TotalVision™ system. Often your problems can be solved over the phone based on the information you provide because the people you reach know our systems.

Toll-free in North America +1-877-787-2737 for service support between 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. PST.

Outside of these hours please contact our call centre to have your call redirected or to leave a message at +1-604-760-1464

You can also reach us at

If you are a new or existing customer there are a number of service options available. With the purchase of a new system or one of our service contracts, 27/4 service is included for the first year.


In addition to friendly and experienced technicians available through our service line, we offer several service contract options that may help you reduce the need for emergency services. The Papertech service team has the application knowledge and skills to improve system performance and the overall results of any camera system. This is accomplished by optimizing lighting, camera settings, camera positions, cabling, air supply and computer settings. The benefits of regular service include:

  • Capturing more breaks and defects on the machine.
  • Diagnosis of the root cause of more unknown breaks.
  • Improvements in machine efficiency and life expectancy.
  • Better ownership of the system by operators and process engineers.
  • Better reporting and continued results long after the system is installed.
  • Problem areas targeted before they fail.
  • Regular software updates to optimize performance.
  • Trained TotalVision technicians inspecting your system at regular intervals.
  • Uncompromised level of service and dependability.

Custom Contracts

Papertech can design a service package that fits your system needs and budget. All of our service contracts include ongoing software updates and discounts on spare parts, but you choose the type and level of services you want.


While on-site, our technicians with follow your specific contract requirements while working to enhance your system’s ability to find the root cause of breaks and improve the machine efficiency by optimizing lighting, camera settings, camera positions, cabling, air supply and computer settings. These services are available in custom packages that can be designed to fit your mill schedule and budget:

  • Number of days per visit
  • Number of hours per year
  • Number of visits per year
  • Length of the contract
  • On-site response time
  • Remote support response time

The ResultsMAX Optimization Program brings a TotalVision®, factory certified expert to site on a routine basis to provide the benefits listed above and more. For complete details please download the sample service contract.

Papertech also offers a suite of services for camera systems manufactured by a variety of suppliers. More than once, Papertech has been called to action by a customer to service a camera system from ABB, MTC, Honeywell/Hilcont, Carotek, Metso and others.

Remote Support Service

If your 1-year of remote support expires after the purchase of one of our systems you also have the option of purchasing a remote support contract for a monthly or annual fee. Please contact us for details

Service Bulletins & Forms
Hard Shutdowns
WebVision® Questionnaire
WebInspector® Questionnaire

Service Partners


Roptec® is now a member of the IBS Paper Performance Group and is the exclusive European service partner for Papertech’s WebInspector® web inspection and WebVision® web break monitoring products. Based in the Central European city of Stolberg, close to Aachen, Germany, Roptec® provides fast and qualified service on-site.

ROPTEC GmbH – Exclusive European Service Provider


Papertech has entered into a formal agreement with Accuracy Automation to provide complete TotalVision™ camera system service for all of our Latin American customers. Accuracy Automation, based in Jacarei, Brazil, has been providing industrial automation services to the pulp & paper industry since 2007.

For more information please visit Accuracy Automation