TotalVision Architecture

The non-proprietary processors and cameras in all TotalVision installations use the same components and database which means less training, maintenance, and fewer spares. If more cameras are needed for your system, Papertech’s various cabinets can accommodate additional server and capture units for easy scalability. Portable and cart-based system use an identical architecture for seamless integration.

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Cameras & Housings

Most widely used high speed & high resolution GigE digital matrix cameras, provide superior defect image quality and offer a range of image size and speed designs to suit each WMS & WIS application. Protected from harsh mill environments by Papertech’s patented EverClean™ housings, cameras deliver consistently clear images without the need for wipers, water, or other cleaning applications.

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Optimized Lighting Solutions

The WebLED28 has now been re-designed with a new housing to minimize dust and dirt build-up that can affect output. The new sealed housing is now also equipped with a cooling flange requiring only mill air for standard operation. The WebLED28 is also available with the optional Cleanjet lens cleaning kit for continuous water cleaning. All of our LED units provide full synchronization to all monitoring and inspection cameras.

Need More Information?

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