Web Monitoring Systems or WMS, and have become a standard means of solving and eliminating even the most difficult paper machine runnability issues. It is estimated that there are now over 1000 WMS systems around the world with Europe and North America representing around 80% of the installed base.

WMS systems have over the last decade become more intuitive allowing operators to quickly and efficiently find the root cause, or origin, of their break causing defect or other quality issue. Papertech’s TotalVision™ software and cameras can monitor a preset region of interest on the paper web and alarm for any change in the sheet. WMS cameras now function the same way as web inspection systems (WIS) located at the reel. With TotalVision™ synchronization, defects mapped at the reel by WebInspector® can now be traced back to their exact location on the machine.

Papertech Web Monitoring

The 12 monitoring positions are represented by the single cameras shown on the paper machine. Systems can range from 1-20 or more cameras depending on the size of the machine and the customer requirements. The light coloured cameras are the WebInspector® inspection cameras. With TotalVision™ synchronization any defects detected at the reel can be traced back to their exact location.

TotalVision’s Multiview display (left) allows operators to simultaneously see all camera views on the machine. Any defects identified by the WebInspector cameras can be traced back to the specific camera position. This allows the root cause of the defect to be identified and addressed. The playback feature (right) allows viewing of selected cameras.

WebVision™ web monitoring achieves industry-leading results by employing many technologies designed and developed by Papertech:

  • Full Suite of Video Tools: Auto playback with a guaranteed maximum 5 seconds to view all camera videos & extended video, breaks can be viewed seconds apart with no event lost or “blackout” periods. Multi-day extended video history always available.
  • GigE-Vision® fully digital HD compliant: Most widely used digital camera standard, 100 metre Cat cable capability as well as fiber solutions for runs beyond 100 metres. Designed to fully interface with all current & future digital GigE cameras – large selection of Allied Vision cameras, all plug & play.
  • Colour & IR Thermal cameras: all GigE cameras available in colour allowing advanced colour-based event image analysis – first introduced in 1999.
  • WebLED™ lights: the most advanced high output LED lights available. High efficiency operation in all conditions with no air required below 50°C.  MultiOptic™ beam optimization, CleanJet™ cleaning, a full range of units to suit all application requirements.
  • WebView™ and EverClean™: Patented air only camera housings never needs lens cleaning and requires no water or wiper. Many different models available depending on your environment and operating conditions.
  • Most camera types: GigE industry standard with over 20 different types of cameras from 30 to 1000 images/second, over 2 megapixel, colour, IR thermal, and linescan for web inspection.

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