Papertech’s TotalVision event capturing systems integrate web monitoring and web inspection into a synchronized application, effectively identifying the root cause of breaks and defects on web-based production lines. This streamlined approach results in reduced downtime and enhanced product quality and consistency.


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Robust Design – Impact resistance

TotalVision cameras are designed to effectively monitor for breaks and defects in all critical machine locations and integral environments. With a range of options available, from multi-camera fixed systems to easily portable units that can be carried between locations, Papertech offers comprehensive solutions. More…

Customizable Solutions

Event capturing systems have become indispensable for quality control across various industries. Apart from our traditional paper and tissue customers, TotalVision camera systems are now widely deployed in manufacturing plants dealing with metal, laminate, non-woven, and other materials. More…

Real-time Monitoring

TotalVision enables operators to pinpoint the root cause of defects, minimizing waste and downtime by synchronizing web monitoring cameras with web inspection cameras. More…

Web Inspection & Monitoring


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