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Papertech Paper Brochure (pdf file)

The paper industry has increasingly turned to Papertech’s TotalVision systems for complete web monitoring and inspection. There are now over 1000 systems installed in over 40 countries. Key to our success in this sector is the integration of web monitoring and web inspection with the TotalVision software platform. Applications of TotalVision now include newsprint, fine papers, board, tissue, winders, coaters, converting lines and box plants. Our complete solutions provide the results mill require to maintain quality products while increasing efficiencies by limiting stopages due to breaks and defects.

Advantages of Totalvision for Paper lines

  • Full wet-end to dry-end, real-time monitoring of all critical locations allows operators to quickly address breaks and defects. Easy to operate windows-based software and non-proprietary cameras systems. Standard interface allows integration with other web inspection systems.
  • Allows air-cooled and air-cleaned cameras and lights to be placed in any mill location regardless of environment or temperature. Totalvision software can be deployed in any location using either a multi-camera server cabinet or a portable single unit Muv-E cart.

Typical camera locations on a conventional paper machine

Forming Section
Press Section
Dryer Section
Dry End
  • Trim Optimization
  • Forming analysis
  • Wet-End Inspection with WebInspector®
  • Dry-Line analysis
  • Pick-up issues
  • Wet-end, defect inspection in various locations
  • Open draw troubleshooting
  • Felt/Press troubleshooting
  • Uno-run full sheet analysis and inspection
  • Size press and coater optimization
  • Pre & after coating inspection
  • Edge-crack analysis
  • Calender troubleshooting
  • Final product inspection
  • Reel turn-up optimization
  • Edge-crack analysis
  • VIR Thermal camera/moisture optimization
  • Runnability optimization
  • Web Inspection
  • Edge-crack detection
  • AccuStop™ Stop-On-Defect edge marking and code reading
  • Wrapping line/Pressroom/Box plant efficiency and quality optimization