IBS Paper Performance Group and Papertech proudly announce the launch of iSTOP+TM, a revolutionary non-marking winder automation solution that is set to transform the paper manufacturing industry.

iSTOP+TM eliminates the need for messy ink or laser marking, offering a clean and efficient way to measure the machine direction sheet position at the winder. Using advanced camera image pattern matching technology (patent pending), iSTOP+TM accurately addresses critical holes without interruptions, ensuring seamless production.

This groundbreaking solution stores customer roll map data, allowing for pre-selection of stop-on-defect classes and on-the-run defect selections. By enhancing operational efficiency and eliminating maintenance concerns, iSTOP+TM sets new standards for reliability and safety in paper manufacturing.

For more information about iSTOP+TM and its revolutionary impact, please visit: www.papertech.ca

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About Papertech Inc.

Papertech Inc. is a renowned company in the paper and pulp industry, offering cutting-edge web-based machine vision inspection and process optimization solutions. Established in 1996, Papertech is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and serves customers globally. Their diverse range of products and services is dedicated to enhancing product quality, improving production efficiency, and reducing waste.

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