Papertech headquarters

On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront

That particular camera view is from our new building. On Friday, October 13th Papertech moved into our new head office and manufacturing facility on the North Shore of Vancouver overlooking Burrard Inlet. All take down and set-up was completed over the weekend and we were up and running Monday morning. The new state of the art building will provide much needed manufacturing space for our TotalVision camera systems.

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Papertech Begins Construction on New Head Office

North Vancouver export company Papertech, broke ground on a new office and warehouse building at 217/219 East 1st Street on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016. The company, founded in 1992 by Kari and Darlene Hilden out of their garage in West Vancouver, has grown over the past 25 years into an international company employing a local staff of 38 and many more worldwide. The company has been developing innovative camera vision systems for web and steel-based production lines, resulting in annual revenues of $15/million and a global roster of clients spanning 38 countries.

It has been a long-standing dream of owners Kari and Darlene Hilden to own their own building as they have outgrown their current lease and require more space for production. “This new building will be a perfect fit,” says Ms. Hilden. “It will be a larger facility designed to meet our needs and we can remain on the North Shore.”

Hilden says she paid top dollar to remain on the North Shore because she is committed to the area, having developed deep roots, living and working here over the years. “It’s just such a great place to live and work,” she says. “But we are designing it to suit our needs and although it’s expensive, at least now it’s going into our pockets.”

The new building, developed by PC Urban, will increase the square footage by 30%, and feature big windows to allow natural light into the warehouse facility. Employees will also enjoy a more pleasant work environment with air conditioning and showers for those who bike to work.

Another highlight of the new building is location. Although not far from their current building, the new Papertech office has a water view, and is within walking distance of Lonsdale Quay and the hotel that services clients that come in for training. There’s also a park across the street. “It’s an industrial area that needs a pick me up,” says Darlene. “We’ll be one of the newer buildings on that street.”

Last year at the BC Export Awards, Papertech won first prize in the Advancing Technology and Innovation category. Hosted by HSBC and sponsored by the government of BC and the BC Division of Canadian Manufacturers’ & Exporters, these awards recognize the commitment to local manufacturing and innovation made by all nominated companies for their valuable contribution to the BC economy.

Papertech expects to move into the new office and warehouse space next summer.

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Papertech Joins Forces with IBS Paper Performance Group


Papertech Inc. (Papertech) and IBS Paper Performance Group (IBS) are pleased to announce that IBS has acquired all of Papertech in a cash/share transaction effective May 24th, 2016.  IBS has been in business over 50 years, have an excellent reputation in the paper industry, are represented throughout the world, have over 700 employees, have good synergy with our technology, and most importantly have shown that they preserve the acquired companies culture and independence.

IBS has been growing rapidly and acquired many companies over the last couple of years (PMS, Transphase, JUD, James Ross, etc). Through these acquisitions, they have a proven record of retaining the original company’s identity, personnel and growing the business into the future.

“We were looking for a partner that could take Papertech to the next level of growth and business success while preserving the exceptional TotalVision products and services”, said Kari Hilden, President and CEO of Papertech Inc.  He went on to say “IBS’ global reach, innovative product line and sales engine are the perfect complement to enable Papertech to grow to the next level.”

“We were impressed by Papertech’s growth and business results over the past several years as well as its service-first team and we anticipate a strong and positive response to this merger”, said Klaus Bartelmuss, President & CEO of IBS Paper Performance Group.

About Papertech Inc.

Papertech Inc. is the industry leading machine vision system supplier for various high speed continuous production lines in paper, pulp, tissue, steel, nonwoven, etc. industries. There are now over 1000 TotalVision™ installations in 38 countries. Papertech’s unified TotalVision™ platform, combining WebVision® event capturing (WMS) and WebInspector® web inspection (WIS), helps papermakers, tissue producers and other high speed manufacturing lines around the world optimize product quality and production efficiency.


IBS PAPER PERFORMANCE GROUP is now 50 years dedicated to the pulp and paper, non-woven and tissue industry. 16 locations all over the world give our customers the guarantee of best available products and service in our industry.  IBS PAPER PERFORMANCE GROUP is a 100 % family owned with the next generation already starting to continue according our well proven philosophy focusing highest possible quality of products supported by our highly qualified and loyal employees and management. Over 700 people are presently within the IBS PAPER PERFORMANCE GROUP and its different locations. Our focus is a solid and healthy growth in our business with the target being a world market leader with our special products.

We are proud to welcome Papertech as a new member of the IBS PAPER PERFORMANCE GROUP and we will make sure that the well-known name PAPERTECH with its excellent reputation will remain and grow into a successful future.



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