The IBS Paper Performance Group is represented by six companies in North America and provides a wide range of products and services to the pulp and paper industries. From design and fabrication of mill and machine components to turnkey systems, the following companies work together as a full service provider for industry. For more information on the IBS Paper Performance Group of companies, please visit their websites.

IBS North America –

IBS Worldwide –

IBS North America, based in Chesapeake, VA, produces Ceramic Covers, Dewatering Elements, Vacuum Controls Systems, and Turn-up Systems for the papermaking process. For more information on these and other products, please contact us directly at

Transphase Technology Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and application of advanced steam box designs to improve heat transfer from a steam box to the paper web or press felt. Super Steam Vac, or SSV, is a new product jointly developed by IBS Paper Performance Group and Transphase Technology. It consists of a Super High Vac from IBS mated with a Z-Box Steam Profiler from Transphase. To learn more about this and other Tranphase products, please visit their website at

James Ross Limited, located in Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada, has been in the fabrication business for over 50 years and has developed its own products applicable for pulp and paper machines. As part of the IBS Paper Performance Group, James Ross brings manufacturing and design expertise to all companies in the group. To learn more about the wide range of services available from James Ross, please visit their website at

About 25 years ago PMS pioneered the Ruby Nozzle technology for the paper industry, contributing to the optimization of a small but important section of paper production. Today they are the market leader and supply customers worldwide with High Pressure Nozzles, Edge Trimming Nozzles, Trimming Systems and PMS pump systems. PMS is dedicated to meeting the customers’ requirements at the paper machine for single nozzles or complete systems. For more information on PMS products, please visit their website at

JUD Corporation specializes in fabric guiding and tensioning systems. Visit the IBS Paper Performance Group website to find more information on JUD systems and products.

Papertech is the industry-leading machine vision system supplier for web-based production lines. There are now over 1000 TotalVision™ installations in 37 countries, with a record 100 systems sold in 2015. Papertech’s unified TotalVision™ platform, combining event capturing (WMS) and web inspection (WIS), helps papermakers and tissue producers around the world optimize paper quality and production efficiency.